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Dr. Fazeeda Abdur-Rahman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | PhD, LCSW

Women go through unique challenges that can be overwhelming at times. Included in those challenges may be role strain related to being a mate, a worker, a parent, and a family member, among other roles. While tending to the different roles, it can be easy to lose sight of caring for one’s own well-being and wellness, resulting in feeling exhausted and burned out, with little left to give.

I support women to focus (or refocus) on their wellness. By addressing areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health, I work to strengthen women’s resilience amidst their challenges, to foster the development of vibrance in their lives.

If you are interested to work together to develop your vibrance, please contact me to set up an appointment.

I am licensed to practice only in New York State, so services can only be provided to New York State residents.

At Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling, LCSW, PLLC services provide focus on supporting women through life stage issues, relationship challenges, and other unique factors that impact on women’s well-being. Through a holistic lens that includes a Christian perspective to improving women’s mental, physical, and spiritual health, women are supported to achieve their optimal wellness.

**During the Covid-19 period, all sessions will be provided by telehealth video, through a secure platform that allows for confidentiality of sessions**.


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