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Ms. Kathryn Burckbuchler

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LMHC, MA, Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor

I am doing in person therapy.
Sometimes you need someone to walk alongside you and help you deal with issues and hurts in your life. I hope to help you release the hold of the past upon your present, help facilitate healthy thinking and relationships in the present, and look to God for healing and hope. I integrate proven effective psychological treatments with Biblical principles and offer prayer at the end of each session.
I often start with calming and stabilization skills and then move on to issues to be addressed or healed. I have advanced training in dissociation treatment and am a Certified EMDR therapist.

Cozy and accepting practice. I work with other Christian Counselors in a small suite.

Married 33 years. Adoptive Mom of two daughters so yes I understand teens. :) Foster Mom.

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