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Mr. Caleb McKean


Approaching anxiety, depression, parenting and marital issues from the perspective that God cares about your heart in every scenario, I believe our relationship with God will help us to take every thought captive to navigate life’s most difficult challenges. If you are a pastor, a parent, a spouse, or an individual, knowing that God has more for your life to become fully alive, then take steps in faith with me to pursue God’s heart and desires for you to have life abundantly.

Aligned with biblical insights, I utilize the benefits of psychology as an observation of the order God has already set in place, along with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Whether the discoveries of neuroscience or new approaches, I look to use the revelation of God along with innovative insights into the counseling sphere to aid my clients in a transformed life.

I love to see people come to a deeper knowledge of who Jesus is and how a relationship with God can change their hearts. My own personal growth is constantly being challenged by knowing God and Jesus Christ, the one He sent, more intimately. I have zeal to continue on a path that the Father has already started in me. This is how I engage my family and friends; I bring nothing less to the session with my clients.