Dr. Gretchen Peacock
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Dr. Gretchen Peacock

Licensed Professional Counselor | D.MFT; LPC

I desire to work with someone who truly wants to grow and is willing to get past their defenses and look at the hard places in his or her life. Often, there are deeper roots to the current observable fruits. I believe that God wants to heal and restore the broken. I pray I will be an effective tool in the process.
I specialize in grief recovery. Our lives are filled with loss and the resulting grief….loss of childhood, loved ones, health, career, and dreams. There are many complications to unresolved grief… addictions, broken relationships, inability to experience joy. Grief must be looked at and communication skills learned to express the pain.
I believe in finding outside supports through support groups and church fellowships, and medical staff. I want to develop a team approach to healing. I want my clients to learn to give and receive love in healthy ways and most of all, to grow in the love and grace of Jesus.

My office in Fayetteville, GA, A New Start Counseling Center, is a large practice with a strong support staff to aid in the business dimensions of coming to counseling….scheduling, insurance and billing.

The Newnan location is a quaint and secluded office that operates as a satellite of the larger office in Fayetteville. It is provided by a local church.

All business questions for both offices go through the Fayetteville office at 770-461-9944.

I grew up in Warren, AR to devout Christian parents. At an early age, I knew I wanted to serve the Lord by helping His children.
I attended Ouachita Baptist University and earned a BA in Sociology/Christian Education and a MSE in Secondary Education/Social Studies.
My further pursuit of training was at Fuller Theological Seminary where I obtained a MA in Marriage and Family Ministries and a Doctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy.
I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 college aged sons.
Hobbies include music, the outdoors, traveling and enjoying friends and family.

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  • 115 Habersham Dr, Fayetteville, GA
  • 8 Elm St., Newnan, GA
  • 770-461-9944