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Mrs. Ladona Maupin

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

I enjoy my work! I spent 19 years working in a church-based Christian counseling center. During that time I counseled primarily Christian women. Each woman taught me something about their relationships, their challenges, and their hearts. I believe women experience a safe haven, a lot of grace, and well-developed clinical skills. My training focused on relationship issues, depression, anxiety disorders, domestic violence, and childhood abuse. As trust is built, I help women to express and explore distressing events, either current or past. I then provide them with Scriptural-based tools to help them deal with and begin healing from their issues.

Head To Heart Counseling is my part-time private practice. My office hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Normally, my office is in a friend’s peaceful home in a nice neighborhood.

*However, in view of the current pandemic, I’m only providing counseling via Telepractice. I use a secure on-line platform that is for health care professionals, thus it is HIPPA compliant.

Therapy is a calling. I returned to college when my children were grown, and received my Masters in Social Work. God opened a new life chapter as I began providing therapy. I wrote the book, The Head To Heart Card, that helps individuals face the lies they believe and embrace God’s Truth. I’m so thankful for my husband of 56 years, my two children, and my five grandchildren. Finally, my favorite moment is when I have a front-row seat to the Holy Spirit’s work, when I hear an individual tell me how God changed them!