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Mrs. Pamela Eisenreich

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC, LCPC

I experienced depression and anxiety throughout my teen years and into my 20’s. This in turn ended in my making unhealthy choices in order to numb myself and find a sense of belonging. I eventually overcame much of the crippling effects of these issues through understanding Christ’s complete love and acceptance of me. I also learned tools to deal with my depressed/anxious thoughts which serve me today, and which I pass on to clients so that they too might find freedom.

I believe in a scriptural-based approach to life, and that we are made whole through the Cross of Jesus. I believe that because we live in this world, we are wounded by others’ sins against us, as well as choices we make to find happiness outside of our relationship with God. I believe that through understanding our identity in Christ, and carrying these wounds and wrongs to the Cross, we can be set free through the process of forgiveness and validation of our True Selves.

I have worked helping others since 1998 when I began serving Christians struggling with sexual and relational problems in Living Waters, a branch of Desert Stream Ministry. I obtained my provisional license in 2003, and was fully licensed in 2006. I then worked with abused women, then abused and traumatized children. I currently work as an employee of a private agency with adults, teens, and children. I have office hours Monday through Saturday.

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