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Mr. Patrick Cioni

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, MS, LPC

My ideal client is a person who comes to complete a task involving openness to change and growth in their personal lives and relationships.

I typically treat anger issues, depression, anxiety, and marital issues including mutual love and respect (see E. Eggarichs), communication and conflict resolution.

I find that my published papers “Sexuality and Spirituality” and “Object Images, Ego Formation, and Identity in Christ”, with worksheets, are valuable tools to help with sexual and self worth issues, respectively.

I see a good number of clients, and marriages, with serious anger issues. My focus is to gradually and gently lead to the only permanent solution, I believe, to such issues–clinically-directed and evidence-based forgiveness as a decision and on-going process. I have two publications with worksheets to help with these.

I see a lot of clients with anxiety and depression, both of which can often have chronic anger or resentment at the core.

I do grief counseling, recognizing that serious loss unprocessed can be another source of depression.

I have been engaged in counseling and psychotherapy since 1970, having spent thirteen years in the psychology department in a maximum security mental hospital, and the past 36 years in a private counseling practice. I enjoy my work [with Jesus as Treatment Director :)] immensely. For those who are willing, I start and end a session with a prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to be intimately involved in the therapy. My greatest joy is seeing those the Lord uses me to help get better, particularly the case with marriages.

I’m a proud grandfather of two children, ages 8 and 11.