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Natalie Samuels

Licensed Professional Counselor – Associate | MA, LPC-A

My name is Natalie Samuels, I am a Christian Counselor and Life Strategist. What this means is that I use psychology and Biblical principles to help you create and live your best life possible. This is important to me because all my life I’ve had dreams about Big accomplishments, Big success, and Big things. When I looked around, I was convinced that I was living the wrong life. It wasn’t until I began to learn and apply Biblical principles to my life that I realized that I wasn’t living the wrong life, but my life was what I created. I had to unlearn, relearn, and then begin creating the life and relationships I desired.
Your life should not represent lack, but abundance, love, and not self-hate. If your heart is broken and scattered, it will affect every area of your life, causing you to lose focus. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Biblical principles, and psychology, I want to help you to live freely and reach your higher call. It’s your God-given destiny!
Together and with little faith, we can tell the mountain to move and it will move. I look forward to connecting and helping you realize your dreams!

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