Ms. Kimberly Burnett
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Ms. Kimberly Burnett

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

How we see ourselves, our world, and our relationships defines how we feel and interact in our lives. A simple shift in perspective can make a dramatic change. My work as a psychotherapist is deeply humbling and gratifying as I see others make profound and meaningful changes in their lives.

I love my work as a psychotherapist and consider it an honor to help others reach their goals and effectively deal with life’s challenges. As a LCSW with 14 years of experience, I offer individual, couples and family therapy treating relational and transitional issues. I am culturally sensitive, respecting your unique story.

I have a broad range of clinical experience. My background includes working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief/loss. I have a special interest and experience working with stressed and traumatized youth in the foster care and probation systems. I have both personal and professional experience in the adoption world. I also work with college students facing the challenges of navigating their adult paths. Importantly, I enjoy working with those in late adulthood accepting and rewriting their life narratives.

My therapeutic approach is tailored to your story. One of the important factors for successful therapy is the connection in the room. Thanks for considering me as your therapist. I’m looking forward to exploring our work together.

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