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Ms. Corinne Bird

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPCC

Having experienced first-hand the healing power of counseling, I am committed to helping you on your own journey of personal growth and healing. Therapy can be a scary first step for many people, but having someone come alongside who is empathetic and judgment free can itself be a soothing balm for a nagging concern or problem. I believe that you are worth investing in, and your commitment to investing in yourself is commendable!

I strive to develop a strong therapeutic relationship and come alongside you using evidence-based techniques for depression, anxiety and whole-body awareness. I also work with trauma and help clients come to a place of acceptance and resiliency in order to move forward from their past. I want to help you feel empowered and aware of yourself in order for you to write a future that isn’t dictated by the mess of the past.

I was a nanny for eleven years, so children and families are one of my areas of expertise. Helping families learn more about discipline, boundaries, connection and how to heal from their own childhoods is something I am passionate about.
I moved to Colorado Springs from NYC a year ago, and have been enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the fresh air every day. I love a good cup of coffee, taking walks and reading a good thriller or historical fiction novel.