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Dr. Esther Malm

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | LMFT, Ph.D.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of Georgia and Kentucky. I also have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Developmental Psychology. As a therapist, I have 10 plus years of experience working with individuals, couples and families. I am also a career and life coach. I provide services in a variety of areas including academic and behavioral related challenges among adolescents, emotional and adjustment challenges among college students and adults, marital problems and their clinical manifestations, mental health related services and social skills training.

My work with clients is centered on the premise that everyone is unique and worthy of care. Secondly, since “no individual is an island” the person(s) and collective groups of people we are closest with positively and negatively influence our lives.

My approach to care is integrative. First, culture matters in how we experience and interpret life, thus one’s cultural context guides the therapeutic process. Secondly, I use various theoretical frameworks and approaches to provide care depending on the uniqueness of each individual, the goals and needs of therapy/counselling. These include cognitive behavioral and experiential approaches. In all these, I am mindful of the marital, family and external relationships (e.g. generational, job, friends) and their influence in my client(s) immediate reason for therapy.

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