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Mrs. Shenell Sarwon

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT Associate, LPC Associate

I am an LMFT Associate & LPC Associate who is especially passionate about serving couples in pain find healing and reconciliation in their relationship by applying skills in session that enhance connection in deep and meaningful ways that extend beyond the therapy room. I am committed to walking alongside you towards your goals in the face of the obstacles. I choose hope in seemingly hopeless situations which is quite different from much of the messaging you may receive today.

I also enjoy working with individuals who are seeking healing from previous traumas or navigating relationship issues but are unable to get the involvement of their partner/spouse. Maybe you have gone through a recent breakup or are processing through relationships in your past. Maybe you are currently in a relationship, but you are confused or dissatisfied with how it is going and you would like to have a space to sort through your thoughts and emotions. Whatever your specific experience may be, I would be honored to support you in your journey towards restoration!

At Restoration Therapy Center we are believers in the power of God to heal and transform any situation when He is invited in. However we are aware that meaningful therapy is more than just praying our way through issues. Some things we have experienced in life require greater processing/understanding & other interventions to be employed in order for us to fully connect with the change the Lord may be attempting to effect in our lives.

In our work together we will use spiritual insights & the knowledge that God has afforded us in order to support you towards total healing and restoration!

Remote Sessions / Telehealth