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Mrs. Ilona Mikhalchuk

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFTA

Marriage can sometimes feel challenging, frustrating and lonely. You and your spouse had years of fun, intimacy, and closeness and now it seems like that’s been lost. Feeling alone, misunderstood, neglected, you’ve told yourself, “I want out, I can’t do this anymore.” You’re here because you want to try to repair that disconnection.

I use Emotion Focused Therapy techniques to uncover the roots of hurt attachment bonds within relationships. We will work to cultivate an emotionally safe environment, learn how to meet one another’s emotional needs while also establishing an atmosphere of deep love and appreciation, joy, and a secure and healthy bond.

I am passionate about celebrating areas your relationship already succeeds in, while healing parts that feel most vulnerable. These aspects are often communication, intimacy, trust and commitment, and conflict resolution. If this approach sounds like a good fit for your marriage, let’s take this journey together!

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