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Mrs. Suzannah Hutchins

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LAPC

Helping children, teens, couples, and individuals grow stronger and more resilient to overcome life challenges at all stages of life, and to enjoy greater self confidence is at the heart of my work with clients. I have been married for 30 years and have both biological and adopted children, who have provided me with a wealth of life experience and a desire to see other families thrive personally and in relationship with each other. I have worked with people experiencing grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions. Having someone to walk with during the difficult chapters in life can make all the difference.

I enjoy working with couples and individuals, as well as children through adolescence. I have been trained in Gottman couples therapy, which teaches better communication, increased intimacy, respect, empathy, and affection, while removing barriers that create tension in marriage. I use CBT often because I feel that it can be incorporated well into a Biblical perspective, considering that the Bible emphasizes renewing the mind, and thinking about the positive, in order to gain peace. I use techniques from various modalities as well, and rely on the Holy Spirit to give direction.