Mrs. Arlene Malone
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Mrs. Arlene Malone

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC, NBCC

Arlene Malone is the founder of Marriage Center. She is a Christian and Licensed Professional Counselor, supervisor, and inspirational speaker. She received her Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling from Regent University, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from St. Leo University.

Arlene is passionate about the integrity of the marital relationship. Helping couples develop respectful and responsible communication is a core function of the marital work she does with her clients. Her clients learn to express their concerns and perspectives regarding difficult topics with a goal toward seeking understanding and resolution to those issues that seem to plague the relationship. Some issues include unforgiveness, recovering from past hurts and infidelity in an effort to rebuild trust so the marriage can be fully restored and continue to grow in a way that glorifies God and is a witness to help others. She helps with challenges related to:


Managing and Resolving Conflict

Reconciling from Separation

Building Intimacy (emotional, physical, and spiritual)

Parenting Differences

Blended Family Challenges

Meeting Needs

Marriage Center partners with Christian couples and the Church to provide Christian marital and premarital counseling in accordance with sound biblical principles integrated with evidence-based techniques. We help husbands and wives establish a solid foundation on which to build a loving and unified marriage. Couples learn about their unique roles and responsibilities, how to apply those roles in the marital relationship, how to live with one another in an understanding way, and how to resolve conflict in a manner that produces lasting change – all to the glory of God!

I believe that it is impossible for husbands and wives to experience true oneness and the intimacy that God designed for them without Him being at the very heart and center of their relationship. My approach to counseling is marriage-focused and Christ-centered. I help my clients replace unhealthy behaviors with Christ-like and God-honoring behaviors that produce lasting change. They end up functioning as a unified team, accomplishing their purposes, individually and as a couple, and experiencing true love, joy, and unity.

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