Dr. John Mulvihill
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Dr. John Mulvihill

Drug and Alcohol Counselor | M.Div., D.Min., Drug & Alcohol Counselor -LADC-1

I have been in pastoral ministry for 19 years, and in mental health for 25+ as a crisis clinician, with extensive administrative, clinical and executive leadership responsibilities.

I have counseled people with drug and alcohol addictions, marital conflicts and I do pre-marital counseling and individual counseling.

I am committed to the authority of the scriptures, the church as the body of Christ and to spiritual growth for all believers.

I have a Doctoral in Preaching and a Masters of Divinity in Family Ministry.

I am married to a great, godly woman and have 4 children (3 girls and a boy).

I am an avid reader, cook and former high school and college wrestler. I have coached middle school and high school. I pastor F.T. and have a private counseling practice P.T. so I can give full attention to both.

After working for 25 + years for community based Mental Health agencies, as well as hospitals, I have decided to open my own private practice.

I will see two types of people:

People struggling with Alcohol and Drug issues as well as families & marriages impacted by addiction.

I will also see private pay clients with pre-marital, marital and divorce issues and those struggling with discernment around church issues and spiritual growth.

I use a number of diagnostic tools and tend to take a multi-faceted approach to counseling as I lean on prayer and grace in my work with people.