Mrs. Susie Ibrahim
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Mrs. Susie Ibrahim

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT

As a Gottman Level 3 trained therapist, my primary focus working with couples is to re-establish emotional connection through strengthening friendship, gaining a deeper understanding of each partner’s perspective during perpetual conflicts, and creating shared meaning. I specialize in Couples Therapy by providing Gottman Treatment Method Interventions to assist couples to enhance and strengthen their relationship. I support couples on their journey toward rekindling their relationship within integrating Biblical scriptures. My approach is to identify “What went wrong” and “Let’s fix it” together by bringing back what you once had with your partner. Let’s take this journey together to discover ways that will help you reach your goals in your relationship. Imagine how it would make you both feel to enjoy each other’s company and find joy again.

I am a sole proprietor and established my private practice in September 2019 in Orange County. I am a trained Gottman Level 3 Therapist that focuses on treating couples in a safe and trusted environment. My primary focus is to help couples reach their optimal potential in reconnecting emotionally and gain a deeper understanding of each others’ perspectives.

My husband and I have been married for three decades and raised three children. I earned my undergraduate degree in business which has been an integral part of being able to establish a successful private practice. My Masters program in Counseling in Psychology was completed at Argosy University in 2016. For self-care practices, I enjoy hiking, walking/running, playing tennis, swimming, reading books, and foremost traveling. I am a Christian counselor and integrate biblical scriptures as needed and upon clients’ request. I have been enjoying my second career choice helping couples.

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