Mr. Scott Graham
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Mr. Scott Graham

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Scott and Jenny Graham truly care about those they are invited to help through very challenging life interventions that interrupt substance abuse, mental health issues, video gaming addiction, eating disorders, marital issues including infidelity or pornography and more. They are both highly trained and experienced as well as responsive. On the shortest of notice they are by your side, calmly preparing and assisting you in your preparation as well as implementation to direct the needed intervention. Nationally connected, they can recommend the appropriate care-center for your specific need… Both or individually this couple can help you achieve your goal to redirect the life of the one you love. Their ideal clients care deeply about someone who is on a disastrous path.

Since 1988 – Carefrontations has been providing support, safety and guidance before, during and after interventions, transports, family programs, and with their signature sessions of Recovery Protection through A Four Part Formula for Recovery and Reverse Carefrontations. They help families all over the U.S.A. Independently and objectively, they receive referrals from outpatient and inpatient programs, hospitals, public schools, churches, county and state agencies, Tribal governments, therapists, private and public as well as federal organizations throughout the US including SAMHSA and NEDA.

Scott Graham is a certified Chemical Dependency Professional and a Certified Counselor in the industry since 1988 and a passionate Christian in recovery. He is seasoned and trusted as an interventionist, keynote speaker, radio guest and author of A Four Part Formula for Recovery. Prior to becoming a certified Chemical Dependency Professional, he was an undercover vice/narcotics deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. To read more about Scott in depth, check out