Mrs. Kathy Glover
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Mrs. Kathy Glover

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | MA, LPCC

Marriage is a sacred and holy covenant ordained by God that takes place between a man and a woman. Any marriage that begins outside of these boundaries is bound for turbulence, and in many cases, utter destruction that impacts generations that arise from it. In fact, today, over half of all marriages will end in divorce. As a counselor who specializes in pre-marital and marital therapy, I know all too well the various dynamics that lead couples into troubled waters. I am here to prevent you from wading too deeply and to offer a life-preserver for those who have already taken the plunge.

People have become numb in the way they live–detached from God, their marriage, their children, and their purpose. God’s desire is to live the fully restored life that He promises in His Word–a life of happiness and joy free from the bondage of sin, addiction, and shame.

Cornerstone Christian Counseling understands that we all live in a fallen world, separated from the love of God, apart from a personal relationship with Christ. God’s desire is that we return to a right relationship with Him, full of peace and wholeness. However, that can only take place when we choose to enter into His rest. Even in this relationship, we will still endure hardship and suffering while we live in this body and on this earth which is controlled by Satan. Cornerstone exists to come alongside individuals as they sort through their trials and to bring them to restoration.

My relationship with Jesus Christ began with the drawing of God’s Spirit in November of 1999 when my husband and I had begun attending a local Baptist church. Shortly after, both of us felt God’s Spirit drawing us into a personal relationship with Christ. We were baptized together and have never looked back. From that day forward, the Lord began a tremendous cleansing process in my life that eventually led me into the journey of becoming a professional counselor who is able to share the Gospel boldly. My husband is now a pastor, and we serve together with our five children in the church.