Mr. John Freshour
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Mr. John Freshour

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | MA, LCPC

Compass Counselors offer a common sense and biblical approach to counseling. Our focus and mission is to effectively walk alongside clients whom have been through distress and life challenges. Through the counseling process the client will be empowered to re-calibrate negative perceptions into a more confident and insightful lifestyle. In addition the client will be challenged to accept personal responsibility as a normal cognizant choice. Compass Counselors are concerned about the spiritual and mental aspects of the client’s life, and would be honored to address the problematic issues of our client, along with guiding them toward the path of True North. Commitment to the welfare of our clients near Bloomington, Illinois is the primary concern of Compass Counselors LTD.

Compass Counselors LTD has 5 counselors within the group practice. Meeting the client where they are is their primary focus and concern.

The Compass Counselors LTD was founded by John Freshour with the desire of meeting the needs of clients whom have experienced difficulties in their lives. John has been counseling individuals & leading small groups since 1995. He was called to attend Lincoln Christian Seminary, whereas he obtained his Masters in Counseling. After a career in the social work arena and acquiring his Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor certificate from the state, he elected to go into private practice. John is a problem solver, highly intuitive, and is honored to walk with people in times of distress.

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