Mrs. Julie Fant
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Mrs. Julie Fant

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

Helping people heal past wounds, rebuild relationships, equip them to manage conflict, and discover who they were created to be is a sincere passion of mine. People search for a therapist for many different reasons. Finding one that you make a connection with can take time. I understand the search can be difficult.

I have a special place in my heart for those who have been wounded while serving in ministry. I love to help couples find love again and people who have experienced abuse (as children or in marriage.) As a Christian therapist, my goal is to come alongside you during times of hurt and frustration, work to make sure you’re understood, help sort out complicated emotions, and create a plan that helps you become a healthier, happier you- reaffirming your identity in Christ.

I’ve worked with people with severe mental illness for about 25 years. My practice was opened so that I could freely speak truth into people’s lives, fully share the good news, and set captives free. If you want someone who can understand what you are experiencing and will lay a foundation for healing through scripture and sound clinical practice, just call or email me.