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Mrs. Katherine Wheeler

LMSW, TBRI Practitioner

As a generalist I am able to assist with long term care needs, medical social work, general consultation and referrals. My specialties however are in attachment-based, trauma focused training and coaching. Families in chaos, homes with conflict, overwhelmed parents, children’s ministers and educators who want to do more for the hurting children they serve. Children who have melt-downs/tantrums, are aggressive, defiant, withdrawn, picky eaters, have difficulty sleeping, poor concentration, cry frequently, have anxiety or express feelings of shame or guilt benefit from play driven, attachment based self-regulation and skill building as well as training for their caregivers. Counseling for teens and adults with anxiety, depression, life transitions and decisions.

Individual and family services available locally in-person and via telehealth platforms. Nurture groups to build trust and attachment, advocacy and consultation, support groups and trainings virtually and locally.


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