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Mr. George Garcia

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT

Discovering and rediscovering your truth is what you deserve. Therapy is one great way to do that. Here, George enters into life’s most confusing, overwhelming, and shame-ridden experiences and helps people discover their inner-strengths to break free from crippling and paralyzing fears and pains. He knows that each person is uniquely designed with strengths and abilities that empower them to overcome their struggles and thrive emotionally and relationally. Pulling from his personal story of grief and pain, George guides people into rediscovering their true worth and potential.George brings great care and ease to a process that helps people overcome their frustrations and fears while entering into greater peace with themselves and possibilities for their future. He provides a safe person to move from brokenness to wholeness.

Through a mixture of unorthodox and highly impactful methods, George guides people in self-discovery. There may be days where we sit across from each other and dive into a meaningful conversation. There may also be days where we go outside, walk my two dogs, use art, do some sculpting, or add in some music to our time. I believe that through these unorthodox, experiential methods, therapy can be a truly fun, healing, and life-giving experience.