Mrs. Michelle Croyle
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Mrs. Michelle Croyle

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

You keep everything together for everyone else, but you’re struggling to conquer the stuff that’s going on inside your own skin. Your thoughts race, your emotions run high, your nerves are shot, and you can feel the stresses of life pressing in on you in ways that make you wonder if you are just “crazy” or if other women feel like this, too.

Everyday, you wear what feels like a million different hats as you juggle, home, family, career, school, health, activities, and other responsibilities, and the whirlwind seems to just keep getting more and more complicated and hectic. You wonder if you can keep up this pace, with the issues that are now bearing down on you, and you long for a chance to come up for air, catch a break, and possibly even gain a new perspective.

You may not even be sure exactly it is that you need, but you know you need something to change because things are just too difficult. I specialize in the treatment of women’s Anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, abuse, stress, self-esteem, grief, and life transitions, as well as provide counseling that integrates a Christian-perspective, if a client desires. Couples are also welcome.

Through the use of an eclectic mix of effective and proven counseling and psychotherapeutic techniques, from CBT to EMDR, I can help you to move from pain to healing. If you are hurting, I’d love to work with you.

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