Dr. David Clarke
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Dr. David Clarke

Licensed Psychologist | PHD in Clinical Psychology

If you’ve got marital problems, that’s what I do. Whatever you’re facing in your relationship, I’ve got a specific plan to deal with it: adultery, sexual sin, verbal abuse, constant fighting, breakdowns in communication, blended family issues, trouble with in-laws, one spouse wanting a divorce … If your spouse won’t participate, I’ll work with you to develop a strategy to create change. I also see adults for a variety of relationship and personal problems: inability to be close to someone, depression, anxiety, sexual addiction, and grief.

First, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. Second, I base my clinical work on the Bible and God’s truths in psychology. I’m a directive, how-to, homework-giving therapist. I won’t just sit there and listen. I will give you a detailed plan of action.
I see clients in person in my office in Tampa, Florida and do phone advice sessions with persons across America and in Canada.
I also do two day Marriage and Individual Intensives in Tampa. I work with only one couple at a time in these Intensives.
I have a weekly podcast(I Don’t Want a Divorce)and a YouTube Channel.

I’ve written 15 books, 6 for couples in crisis: I Don’t Love You Anymore, I Don’t Want a Divorce, Married But Lonely, My Spouse Wants Out, I Destroyed My Marriage, and Enough is Enough. Whatever your relationship or personal issue, I’ve got a plan for healing.
I’ve been married to my Sandy since 1982 and we have four children and four grandchildren (so far!).

Remote Sessions / Telehealth