Mrs. Sarah Shelton
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Mrs. Sarah Shelton


I’ve been working with children and their parents for over twenty years now and am best suited to provide individual or group play therapy with children and parental support for parents. I believe that play therapy can provide healing for a range of ages, and I am equipped to support children from three to ninety-nine. Play therapy can also be a beneficial treatment for those who may be older physically but younger in their social-emotional and academic development.

I prefer to practice as child-centered as possible, allowing the child to lead the way. I will use directive techniques in order to teach mindfulness and coping skills to children and will use these during the play session to help children develop an awareness of their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviors. I also pray for my clients and as the spirit leads, I will share stories, verses, and prayers in order to point children to their Loving Father in Heaven.
For parents, I want to listen first and then support them in finding the right tools to help guide their unique child.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to work with children and parents for my entire professional career. I began as a childcare worker as I worked my way through college and then taught kindergarten, first grade and third grade in the public schools for fourteen years. I worked as a school counselor for six years and have been working as a clinical play therapist at Joyful Restoration for the last year. I have also had the joy and privilege to raise two sons with my wonderful husband of twenty three years.


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