Mr. Dennis Kuik
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Mr. Dennis Kuik

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | MSW, LCSW

I have over 30 years of mental health counseling experience. My experience is with a variety of mental health issues, but specialize in the following: anxiety, depression, stress, grief issues, spiritual issues, and chronic pain. I have also worked with individuals who are having trouble with self-injurious behavior and suicidal ideation. I believe in listening to a person’s story, understanding where they are coming from, focusing on their strengths, and building on those strengths. I like to help each person figure out how they can live the most meaningful life, be the best they can be, and use their strengths to make this world a better place. I hope I have the opportunity to work alongside you, and provide some practical guidance along the way. I work with individuals from the age of 15 and up, however, most of my experience has been with adults from 19 to 80.

I have a private practice in the northeast area of Colorado Springs and use the following treatment methods: Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution focused therapy. I believe a therapeutic alliance is the most important thing to establish in therapy. I attempt to establish this by listening closely to your story and your goals for therapy. Through time, working to understand your values and your goals you want to work towards. I hope I have an opportunity to work alongside you in your journey.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 30 years of experience dealing with a variety of challenging mental health issues. I enjoy working with all individuals from 15 to senior age. I also work with married couples that are struggling. I hope to hear from you soon.

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