Mr. Bruce Marler
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Mr. Bruce Marler

Licensed Professional Counselor | BS, MS, MA, LPC

I love to work with couples – whether premarital or married for decades. I do this work because I care. I care about helping couples to deeply bond with each other. I received my Masters Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University in 1996, and later became trained in what has become the world’s most hopeful and preeminent form of couples therapy – Emotionally Focused Therapy. It is the only form of marital therapy which is research backed and has been shown by research to yield results which not only stick but improve with time after therapy ends.

My assumption is that you need each other – need each other deeply and emotionally – that is how we were designed. It is the perceived threat to that crucial bond that is at the heart of all marital conflict. This cyclical pattern is the enemy of marriages. In my therapy I work with you to help you become aware of and disarm the negative cyclical pattern that has robbed you of safe communication. I help you restore safety and then experience reaching for each other with the vulnerable needs that we inevitably have in life, and to respond by being accessible, and emotionally engaged with each other.

My passion is for not only saving marriages but helping couples to become all that God intended them to be to each other. I believe that the relationship between spouses has been God designed to provide security through a deep emotional bond that provides comfort, care and soothing for the strains of life. I have been specifically trained in a form of therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy. I approach couples with the assumption that they love each other, and it is the threat to that bond which is at the root of all the arguments which rob them of the essential safety which is needed.

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