Ms. Jan Wilkenson
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Ms. Jan Wilkenson

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, NCC, LPC, RPT

Jan enjoys working with children (3-12) who are dealing with behavioral challenges and frustrations, often due to an inability to properly communicate their confusion, fear and anger. As life poses challenges, transitions, trauma, & maybe even abuse, children have great difficulty finding effective ways of coping & relieving the resultant feelings, thus negative social behavior occurs as they seek help. She is trained & experienced in helping them find positive ways to communicate & release their feelings to find resolution and resilience.

Play therapy enables her to communicate, when words are inadequate. Her integrative approach naturally encourages an intuitive and attentive relationship of trust. Venting and identification of feelings occurs, and healthful ways of communicating and dealing with challenges are learned. A focus on strengthening parental and family bonding reflects her team building approach to resiliency.

Jan received her Master’s in Counseling degree from Colorado Christian University, a CACREP approved program, in Colorado Springs, has over seven years of formal Play Therapy experience, & many years of counseling experience in church settings. Currently she is pursuing the Registered Play Therapist certification to further hone her skills as a Play Therapist.

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