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Mrs. Sala Afalava

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MA, LMHCA

To everyone who knows you – you’ve got it all together. But to be honest, unresolved pain of past trauma is having a negative effect on your mind, body and over all well-being. Years of unresolved issues make you feel tired, overwhelmed and exhausted. You’re not sure how long you can keep up the facade. Perhaps you have been living up to other people’s expectations in addition to your own, and the load feels heavy.
You want to live your life without the guilt or responsibility imposed by everyone. You’re ready to have transparent conversations about your past and not allow it to hurt you. You want to maintain healthy relationships and you are ready to establish your boundaries. I can help you get there.

With an exclusively online private practice, you have the convenience of a quality psychotherapy experience at your fingertips. This platform makes it convenient to fit therapy into any schedule. Visit my website nh-counseling.com for more information or Email [email protected] or call (253) 652-2825.

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