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Mr. Jason Allen

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC Associate, EMDR Trained, Supervised by Jack D. Dickerson, LPC-S

There are images and events that stick with you for a lifetime. Some are happy- high school graduation, your wedding day, the birth of your first child. But some are deliberating and hard to process at all. Those traumatic events will leave a lasting impact, but a counselor who understands and supports you can help prevent the effects from controlling your future.

I am Jason Allen, a former patrol officer, and Army Veteran. I’ve dedicated my life to walking alongside first responders and military veterans because I get what you’re going through. I understand firsthand the pressure and weight of your service and the rippling effect that on-going crisis has on all corners of your personal life, marriage, and family.

You don’t have to figure out how to cope and move forward on your own. Seeking someone to walk alongside you isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s freeing. I offer clinical trauma therapy with Biblical foundations to create a customized approach to managing your presenting issues and concerns. I desire for you to live a full and vibrant life with healthy coping strategies needed in your profession.

Additionally, I work with couples and their family while navigating the aftermath of a traumatic event or personal struggle that has contributed to an unstable home atmosphere or relationship. Whether you seek individual sessions, marital counseling, or family therapy sessions, I want to see you heal from deep wounds through the application of Biblical counseling.

I am available to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex by offering sessions in Denton and virtually. Call or email me today for a free consultation to begin your journey to healing, freedom from trauma, and a joy-filled future.

Each session is tailored to you and based on your presenting issues and concerns.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth