Mrs. Lyndsey Cherry
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Mrs. Lyndsey Cherry

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

Hi, I’m Lyndsey. It would be my honor to meet you and come alongside you as you pursue your own journey of emotional and mental health. In 2020, I opened my own private practice where I see clients via Telehealth. Most of the clients I am seeing in my private practice are women of all ages, couples in crisis, and couples seeking pre-marital counseling. What I love specifically about Telehealth is the convenience for my clients and for myself. We are able to form a relationship, get down to root issues, ask deep/thought provoking questions, call upon the Lord, and work toward healing just as we would in the counseling office but from the comfort of your own home or office. I love to help people understand at a deeper level why they do and feel the things they do and feel, grow in compassion for themselves and those around them, and discover more truly the person that God created them to be. Additionally, I feel so honored when clients feel safe enough to open up and share their pain and the vulnerability of what they are going through, allowing them the opportunity to feel heard, understood, validated and ultimately experience the freedom that comes with healing through Christ.

Currently, I am providing Telehealth for individuals and couples through the online HIPPA compliant platform, Simple Practice.

My name is Lyndsey Cherry. I am a LPC in Ozark, Missouri. My clinical experience has consisted of private practice for 6 years in Springfield, MO with a wide range of clients and in 2014, I joined the Hope Restored team with Focus on the Family in Branson, MO. Through Hope Restored I have been serving in an average of 3 marriage intensives per month. I love coming alongside individuals and couples in their journey of healing in their lives and relationships. God is the restorer, and I am honored to be used by Him. My husband Jeff and I have been married since 2006 and we have three children.

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