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Mr. Jeffery Robertson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

I am Jeffrey Robertson, Portage Indiana LCSW Licensed Counselor, and NW Indiana Courts Child Guardian Et Litem. A counselor’s years of experience and skills can vary widely. Take your time to determine such things about your counselor. Make sure you find the best match for your questions & needs. Your life changing learning and decisions require the best possible counsel you can find. You can read reviews of my work with other clients by going to Google. Just enter my name. You can read 28 reviews written about me & a rating of 4.8 out of a perfect 5. I’ve been counseling since 1968. In 1982, I was awarded an Honors Graduate Master’s Degree from the Biblically based Clinical Psychology Program at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. In 1987, I became an Ordained Church Family Counseling Minister. I also have 2 Bachelor’s Degrees from Indiana University. One in Psychology and the other in Religious Studies. I specialize with people of all ages in:
-Individual & Couple Counseling/Parent Training
-Minuchin Family Therapy;
-Brain Assessment/Treatment using non invasive, all natural cognitive behavioral therapies;
-Treatment of Addiction/Conduct Disorders/Psychiatric Disorders; -Sexual Abuse Treatment;
-Spectrum Disorder Treatments (Autism/ Aspergers/Tourettes); -Diverse Intelligence/Neurological/Psychological Issues treated.

Most insurances accept me & such is billed for all services provided. Most copays & pay-
ments from you are written off- as insurance pays enough. Text me at (219) 771-1219 to schedule an interview with me. Providing the best prompt care to you- my record is 10 minutes from text to phone interview!