Mrs. Wendy Crawford
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Mrs. Wendy Crawford

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, LPC

Wendy Crawford’s mission is to provide professional counseling within a Christian context. She uses established therapeutic techniques against the solid guidance of Scripture to help clients learn more effective and productive ways of dealing with life’s struggles. Wendy’s passion is helping people experience God in the challenges they face and in their most significant relationships. She believes that we all hunger for an authenticity and depth to our lives that only Christ can provide.

Wendy knows that the ordinariness of life, marriage, work, and parenthood often sets in and keeps us captive to disappointment, disillusionment, and despair. It is Wendy’s desire to help her clients experience joy and deep satisfaction in every area of their lives and in all their relationships.

Wendy provides Individual & Marriage counseling for adults and couples suffering from a variety of emotional, relational, and spiritual difficulties. Her practice specialties include marriage counseling, depression, anxiety, stress management, marital crisis, affair recovery, and conflict resolution. Communication, divorce recovery, relationship issues, sleep problems, life transitions, parenting issues, trauma and grief, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and workplace / career problems.

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