Laura Flowers
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Laura Flowers

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LPC, LMFT-Associate

***Specializing in Couples Counseling*** Most of my clients are couples seeking relief from relationship distress. This might include emotional disconnection, unresolved conflict, parenting stress, blending families, infidelity, contemplating divorce, living with mental and chronic illness, and other issues. Many of my clients are also individuals seeking healthier relationships and create change in their lives by taking ownership of their own growth areas; many work to incorporate healthy boundaries, assertiveness, healing from shame, and discovering untapped strengths. Families come for support with parenting and many other issues.

As an LPC intern on the clinical treatment team at Meier Clinics, I worked alongside medical staff in an intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization setting to provide treatment planning and implementation for patients experiencing debilitating anxiety, depression, prior trauma, bi-polar disorder, suicidal ideation, and mild psychosis. As an MFT intern at UT Southwestern, I worked in the Department of Psychiatry’s Family Studies Center offering critical care services to families and couples in distress.

I am a dually licensed therapist trained in both individual counseling at the partial hospitalization level of care as well as in outpatient counseling with a specialization in family systems. I specialize in couples counseling, and more specifically, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. I also offer Discernment Counseling for couples contemplating divorce.

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