Mrs. Shirley Eck
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Mrs. Shirley Eck

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LMHC, LCMHC

Kay is interested in helping her clients heal their mind, body, soul and spirit. Over the 24 years that Kay has counseled she has noticed that talk therapy alone does not help some issues resolve. This peaked her interest to specialize in trauma recovery and mind/body healing.

Her career started in being a lay counselor in teen ministries. The issues that presented in that field led her to complete her degree in counseling. She moved to Florida and worked for 18 years at First Orlando’s Counseling Center where she saw a broad range of clients. Kay also serve as a Clinical Supervisor there helping to train the next generation of Christian counselors. Later she opened a private practice that focused primarily on trauma recovery. Kay has been married 46 years, and has grown children who are now raising their own families.

To expand the range, and the flexibility of receiving counseling care Kay has moved her practice EXCLUSIVELY TO TELE-HEALTH. KAY OFFERS VIDEO COUNSELING ONLINE THROUGH APPS ON THE CLIENT’S COMPUTER OR PHONE. Counseling over the phone is available too if internet is not available.

You can receive a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION prior to counseling to answer any questions you may have.
The sessions last an hour. Payment is due by credit card at the end of each session. Intake paperwork must be filled out before counseling can start.