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Mr. Alex Primo

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MA, LMFT

***I am currently providing therapy via video and in person to men and couples located in California***

Men’s Therapy:

Are you a man who struggles with pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior? Have you found that these behaviors are getting in the way of the life that you’re really trying to live? I help men who are struggling with pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior. Oftentimes, you may not know why you struggle, but we will work together to uncover what may not seem apparent. Most importantly, I believe that God is the ultimate power of change.

Many of my clients who commit to therapy, that struggle with unwanted sexual behavior, have received recovery from previous trauma, have overcome those behaviors, and have begun to feel they have a better grip over their life. Oftentimes men who begin to experience overcoming these unwanted sexual behaviors also begin to notice a renewal in their dating and marriage relationships, better life at work, and at home. Is this you? Are you willing to make a change? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation today by phone at (310) 203-1510 ext. 108, or by email at [email protected]

Couples Therapy:

Is conflict in your relationship more than you can tolerate? Do you struggle to trust each other? Do you feel frustrated and disconnected? The pain of broken trust and the loneliness of feeling disconnected can leave you feeling hopeless in your relationship and marriage. Couples therapy can be an avenue to restore what seems to be lost. I help Christian couples identify the negative patterns they may fall into that gets them stuck, and then work with them to connect in a way that heals. If you are ready to heal and improve your relationship, schedule a free 15-minute consultation by phone at (310) 203-1510 ext. 108, or by email at [email protected]