Mr. Yale Kushner
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Mr. Yale Kushner

Licensed Professional Counselor | LMHC, LPC, CSAT, CMAT-Chemical Dependency

My name is Yale Kushner and I enjoy working with men, women and teens from all walks of life. I am a man of faith so am rooted in God’s truth but I am also clinically trained so I am able to incorporate into therapy the best from both worlds. I have vast experience in life, marriage and family having been married over 41 years, lived in 3 countries, traveled extensively around the world and helped people grow towards being the healthiest version of themselves that they can be. I am a good listener but also I am fairly direct, sensitively saying what needs to be said and encouraging clients to do whatever work is best to move forward in life. I would anticipate developing a healthy therapeutic alliance with you where trust is built and grown.

I am a very flexible person when it comes to therapy. If within Colorado or Florida I am happy to connect with clients remotely if that is best. Additionally, if a client is living internationally I have the ability to connect via an online secure platform. I tend to be more directive in my therapy and focus on practical steps to be taken to make progress. I am client driven, meaning I want to help you where you want help, and will encourage you as you take steps towards a healthier you.

Having been a follower of Christ for over 45 years I know that life is made up of the good, bad and ugly and have found God always good even when things seem otherwise. I have two Masters degrees, most recently an MA in counseling and I am a licensed counselor in Florida and Colorado. Finally I have been certified as a sexual addictions therapist (CSAT) and certified multiple addiction therapist (CMAT) (chemical dependency) by the International Institute For Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP).

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