Dr. Lawrence Cistola
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Dr. Lawrence Cistola

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | MSW, M.Div., LCSW-R D. Min.

People who are hurting and searching for a meaning in life find hope and direction in my practice.
Depression and anxiety are prevalent today and discussed freely in my practice.
I listen and give the client the opportunity to explain their need before I speak.
I want clients to grow emotionally and spiritually and move on in life.
30 years in practice
26 years working in a psychiatric hospital as a LCSW-R

BA Nyack Missionary College 1971
Masters in Divinity – Alliance Theological Seminary 1990
Masters in Social Work – Fordham University 1992
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Doctorate in Divinity – Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary 1995

I approach my practice as a ministry, not a business.
I have to meet my monthly overhead, but I also want to meet my clients’ needs, both clinically and spiritually.
If my clients ask, I will pray with them.
My clients include Christians, Jews, Muslims, and some Hindus.
I apply clinical and Scriptural information as needed.
An interesting explanation of psychotherapy is:
Psycho (from the Greek word psuche) meaning soul, and (from the Greek word therapeuo) or to heal.
So the word psychotherapy means healing the soul.

One of many recommendations:

Dr. Cistola is the best therapist I have ever had. He always makes himself available to schedule appointment times that are convenient for me. Having his professional help has changed my life. He has helped me with my depression and learning how to cope with the hardships of life. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is the best! Unlike some therapists who see you for many years to make money, Dr. Cistola wants to give you the tools you need to help you move on to do life on your own.