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Mr. Jim Smith

Licensed Professional Counselor | MA, LPC

It’s not unusual for couples, families, and individuals to come to therapy with problems that seem too big to solve. We question our relationships or worry that what we once had is gone forever. We want things to change but aren’t sure how to change them. We wonder if we can ever get past hurt feelings and painful events.

My approach is an affirming, caring, supportive way to get out of the “stuck places” we all get into. My approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) helps couples and families move beyond fighting and withdrawing into closeness and security. We all need connection, and EFT works to restore the bonds we have formed and the secure connection we desire. As an EFT therapist, I do more than give you superficial answers to big problems, we journey together to see real change in your relationship.

Desert Streams Counseling, PLLC takes its name from Isaiah 32:2, where citizens in God’s kingdom will be like streams in the desert. We believe that everyone has the capacity to access the Presence of God in their lives, the Presence that allows us to have real life flow in dry places.
But that is not where many of us are in our everyday reality. When you come to see me, you honor me with your courage and trust. I count it a privilege to journey with you back to experiencing help, hope and healing.

Jim Smith is a LPC at Desert Streams Counseling. Wherever he has gone on his professional journey, it has routinely brought him back to confirming he’s designed by God to be involved in helping people reconcile their relationships. Jim has served Christian missionaries with the Navigators since 2001, moving to Southeast Asia with his family as a missionary himself from 2011-2015. For 20 years, Jim has seen and worked first hand with the deep struggles and disconnection within the Body of Christ. Jim moved with his family Colorado Springs in 2016 and began his practice.

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