Mrs. Kelli Burns
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Mrs. Kelli Burns

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | LPCC

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor specializing in the treatment of children, teens and young adults. Trauma, anxiety, emotional regulation, mood and behavioral struggles are some of the problems that I have experience in treating. My 18+ years of counseling experience in outpatient mental health centers, school settings, and residential treatment centers has given me a broad range of treating kids and young adults in a variety of environments, cultures and backgrounds.

My counseling approach is from the perspective of the whole child which includes the biological, social, developmental, environmental and spiritual aspects. I utilize trauma informed principles and techniques that are evidence based and biblically sound. I also utilize many creative modalities for children involving play, art, and activity that are natural and fun for them. Collaboration with parents is an essential part of the therapy process. They are kept informed of the skills and strategies for enhancing relationships, changing behaviors and regulating emotions.

My personal experience as a wife of 25+ years, mother, and follower of Christ has given me first-hand experience at raising children, coping with multiple relocations, living overseas, and other life transitions. I have learned that life is forever changing, but the foundations that build healthy families and healthy individuals remain constant. Helping you as a parent of a child or as an emerging, independent adult to build healthy relationships and thrive in this crazy life, is something I consider a great joy and privilege to be able to do with you.


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