Mrs. Glyndora Condon
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Mrs. Glyndora Condon

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, MFT, NCC, LPC, CTMH, CCTP

As a Senior Citizen who has endured multiple crisis’s, traumas, and life transitions; and as one who has scored with the highest honors from 3 universities and holds 4 degrees; as one who works with children, age 3-senior citizens with any emotional, mental, behavioral, A&D, and relational concern; then my ideal client is someone who is hurting. I have suffered rape, abuse, infertility, high risk pregnancy, birth defects, estranged children, the empty nest, divorce, blended families, and trauma. I have learned to trust in God during my walk through the darkness of the valley and I have arisen with more courage, wisdom, resolve, hope, and perseverance. I seek to help others as they are walking in their valleys. One would want to go to our website and read a much more informative bio of not only myself but those of our remarkable counselors who work alongside me.

WE have multiple counselors with specialties and who use a variety of modalities, all of faith, and all with appropriate credentialing from approved universities. Our practice is one with compassion, insight, skills, and hope for our clients.
We all have platforms, encrypted emails. voicemail, and texting to provide Telehealth. We can serve anyone within Tennessee who may have insurance which will cover this forum of counseling; and we still have an office to provide face to face counseling to those who feel better with this forum. We can serve the Military or Veterans in USA.

I am a woman of faith and integrity who depends upon my Father as I work with His children who entrust me with their well being and guidance. I have fallen many times yet with God in my center focus, I have been able to get back up. I am no judge of others, but am here to provide the tools needed so others can take charge over their thoughts and hearts which leads to wisdom, better choices, and more quality of life as we walk this journey together. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA at the age of 50, but it is life which has given me my insight. My main purpose is to help others to see Christ.

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