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Dr. Donald Hays

Licensed Professional Counselor | LMFT, LPC, Ph.D.

I have been practicing in Dallas for 30 years. Currently I am in a group of 4 psychiatrists and 1 other counselor. I have been attending nondenominational Bible churches for the past 30 years also. About half of my practice is with couples and half with individuals. A lot of the individual issues that I see are relationship related. I married somewhat later in life and am married to the love of my life. Tim Keller says in The Meaning of Marriage that marriage is much much harder than most people expect and that this is a major contributor to divorce.

I have 30 years experience working with couples and individuals. All of my practice is guided by a Biblical world view and value system. With couples I use principles and techniques from John Gottnan’s 40 years of marital research, Tim Keller’s beliefs about marriage and principles from Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy. I also use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help couples improve their communication and conflict negotiation skills. I always encourage couples to use the wealth of information available for free on John Gottman’s website.

The Meaning of Marriage. Tim Keller.
The Man’s Guide to Women. John Gottman
John Gottmsan’s Research Institute Website has a wealth of free information to help couples improve their marriages.