Mrs. Pamela Stinchcomb
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Mrs. Pamela Stinchcomb

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | MSW, LCSW

I am a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Michigan. My first job out of Graduate school was in the foster care/adoption system. From there I joined a small private practice in Michigan, and later transitioned into Christian Counseling at Desert Streams in Kalamazoo Michigan. I am blessed with the opportunity to walk alongside my clients to offer understanding, hope, support, and sound counsel. I lean heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me throughout my sessions. I am a wife and mother of adult children, and feel my life’s journey has been invaluable in empathizing with my clients, and guiding my clients. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, adolescent issues, past abuse, life transitions, self esteem and self harm, divorce and step family issues.

I work at Desert Streams where we have over 20 gifted therapists. In my practice I am able to refer other family members to therapists at our practice or for testing services at our practice if needed. To contact me you can call our office and our receptionist can take your initial information and I will then contact you or you can go to our website at and complete the online intake request, placing my name on the form and I will get a hold of you within 24 hours. Our practice is located in Kalamazoo, I have evening hours available for clients as well.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth