Dr. Judith Heckenlaible-Habig
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Dr. Judith Heckenlaible-Habig

Licensed Professional Counselor | PhD, LPC, LISAC, CCTP

A highly trained professional, Dr. Judith is an active member of a local church as well as having served on staff and consultant for many years. In fact, her desire to serve better was the motivating factor in the academic accomplishments found in her credentials. She first founded Judith’s House for women going through transitional times in their lives. Inspired, though she was approaching retirement, she entered Grand Canyon University to earn her Master’s degree in Substance Abuse Counseling and then Professional Counseling which is a more inclusive degree. Dr. Judith received her internship at the renowned The Meadows Recovery Center where she continues to contract as a “Meadow Trained” specialist at their Scottsdale Outpatient Center.

Dr. Judith is a full service therapist offering “in office” as well as viral online telehealth therapy and by cell phone. She also contracts as an “on call” therapy specialist for Arizona recovery centers but what she loves the most is her very private practice from her residence office. In this quiet and cozy environment she is able to get to issues quickly and confidentially. The majority of her clients are referred from community churches for persons requiring something more. Her reputation and Christian counsel makes her ideal for church leaders and professionals seeking counsel for some area of their life.

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