Mr. Josh Neuer
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Mr. Josh Neuer

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC

Have you ever felt stuck, alone, or greatly in need? I believe we are built for community and we are better together. Marriage and family counseling can be an incredible partnership helping individuals and families on their journey through life’s most difficult places. You are not alone and do not have to walk alone. Our sessions are a safe place to share openly. The mission at Joshua Neuer, LLC Counseling of Greenville, SC is to work together and move towards hope, healing and restoration.

We work together on life’s greatest challenges including stress and anxiety, difficult life transitions, depression, premarital counseling and marriage counseling, family counseling and parenting issues, grief and loss, divorce, men’s issues, self-care and more.

I believe the love of God brings great change; the kind of change that sets people free. In His perfect will and time, I have seen Him do the seemingly impossible: healing and restoration. We know that with God nothing is impossible!

There is always hope!

To learn more about the services provided and to share your story, call today. Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you.”

-Josh Neuer, LPC, Greenville, SC

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