Mrs. Darlene Wareham
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Mrs. Darlene Wareham

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Life is a journey and many times it is not easy. My goal and purpose in counseling is to help my clients through the challenges and crises of life. In those difficult times, it is hard to be objective and make the best decisions for ourselves and others. The counseling process can provide new objective perspectives and understanding. I listen, understand, stay calm and am not judgmental. Since we are created spiritual as well as physical and psychological, I believe including the spiritual component can bring resolution to the source of the issues and not just symptom reduction.
My theoretical practice style is an integration of family systems and cognitive-behavioral as well as strength-based techniques and insight to promote healing. Because my specialty is Christian counseling, I strive to integrate spiritual content into the counseling process by very directly using the spiritual disciplines as therapeutic interventions. I work with individuals, couples and families and as well as children in the context of the family.

I am an independent private Christian counseling practice: Darlene B Wareham d/b/a Breath of Life Counseling. However, I am associated with Professional Counseling Associates which provides me with office space as well as administrative and billing services. Each of the counselors at Professional Counseling Services is an independent practitioner so their practice approach may differ greatly from mine in values, beliefs and therapeutic interventions..

I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for well over 20 years but I am new to Alabama. I moved from Wisconsin to Alabama a year ago to be closer to my husband’s family and, of course, to enjoy Southern culture and weather. I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Valparaiso University and my Master’s degree at the UW- Milwaukee. My post-graduate training in Marriage and Family Therapy was completed at the Family Therapy Training Institute in Milwaukee. My work experience was gained in two different settings- Aurora EAP and my private counseling practice giving me a broad spectrum of experience.