Rev. Brad Werner
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Rev. Brad Werner

Licensed Professional Counselor | LPC

Couples often say to me – “We can’t seem to communicate anymore. Why are we having such a hard time understanding each other?” Have you ever felt like this in your relationship? I can help you make the changes necessary to feel connected again, as well as create a more fulfilling future together. We will work with your thoughts, feelings and actions, in order to recognize and then disrupt your cycles of conflict. Then together, we will create new opportunities for deeper understanding. Ultimately, you will see what is not “working”, learn “why”, and begin to apply effective strategies to get your relationship back on track.

As the only certified EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) Supervisor therapist in St. Louis, I understand you want to be able to stop fighting, talk calmly to each other, and quickly repair your relationship after conflict. You want to be able to safely express all of your deepest desires, needs and fears. You want to sense that you matter and that your love is worth fighting for.

I can help. Healing your relationship is within your reach. Just making the phone call often brings a sense of relief because you have decided to take action! Call and we can start working together right away. During our phone conversation, ask me to share with you the ONE thing that every couple needs to know in order for your relationship to thrive.

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