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Ms. Patricia Canepa

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MFT

I applaud you for exploring and embarking on this new adventure of healing and restoration in your life. My areas of specialty include helping people heal from early childhood trauma, which sometimes result in depression and anxiety as well as addictions such as overeating, gambling, shopping, and eating disorders. For others they just cannot seem to find joy in their lives and are not sure why that is. Some clients come to me just because they do not want to burden their friends, and need someone to listen to them and help them navigate certain areas of life. All of these are wise reasons for coming to counseling.
I also work with couples who are interested in improving their marriages or relationships, seeing great results in their communication and a better understanding of each other, resulting in a strong heart to heart connection. I offer my clients “tools” and skills to help themselves heal and also relate better with others.

It has been my lifelong passion to see people heal and move forward fruitfully in life. Additionally my knowledge and experience as a Registered Nurse can enhance the therapeutic relationship by better addressing the physiological and biological aspects that may be involved as well.
I endeavor to provide an environment that is a safe place to explore yourself, to heal the past and grow into who you have always dreamed of being.