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Mrs. Patricia Edgerton

Licensed Professional Counselor | MS, LPC, NCC

I’m a native southerner, with degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and North Carolina State University and I have 25 years’ experience counseling others. Shortly after completing my doctoral coursework in counseling psychology at Duke University, both my husband and I experienced radical, life-changing conversions to Christianity which has since guided both my practice and methods. While blending together a supportive, educational and solution focused counseling approach I desire to create a caring and peaceful environment where clients feel welcome and at ease. It is a great privilege when I am able to help someone overcome addictions, anxiety and fear, or recover from depression, grief or loss. I love the times of victory when an individual or couple break through and healing and new life is possible, a relationship is restored, family life is made better, or good things that once seemed impossible are now happening. In addition as an adoptive mom I have a special interest in helping families that adopt both internationally and domestically and am trained in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention).